Next Step Ahead is coming soon as an interactive online course based on the extensive Vedic sciences.

The course is arranged to take you step by step through the fundamentals of holistic living towards the goal of personal self-awakening. It explores the relationship between the quality of our lifestyles and the choices we make in our everyday lives.

The Next Step Ahead workshop draws from the ancient wisdom of the Vedas encompassing such topics as Ayurveda, Yoga, Nutrition & Diet, Vastu, Astrology, Astronomy, and Understanding Essential Spirituality.

Our faculty is comprised of world-renowned experts in their fields. They will guide you through nine entertaining levels of interactive learning. Each level consists of three days of study and fun. Approximately one month is required to complete the entire course.

Each level will include:

- Audio lesson

- One chapter from the guidebook explaining the subject

- Mantra or Music for meditation/reflection

- Engaging interactive media puzzles

- Real-world hands-on assignments

- A written report on realizations from lesson

- Online group discussion, sharing of experiences, and ceremonial graduation to the next level

- Personal one-on-one correspondence with a trained member of our staff.

The course can be followed by a single player or as part of a team of 10-12 participants. Graduates will be invited for inspiring regional festivals held throughout the year.

The course is unveiled with a virtual journey through the Next Step Ahead sanctuary. Ascending the steps to the Grand Hall you begin your voyage by uncovering the Fundamentals of Self-Discovery. Here you will analyze the difference between matter and spirit, body and self.

Making the next step ahead we move up to the Wellness Center. The ancient medical science of Ayurveda demonstrates the interaction between the gross and subtle elements of our bodies and how they affect our health and wellbeing.

Stepping ahead to the Yoga Studio we practice basic exercises to keep our bodies strong and energetic. We not only learn natural Yoga postures, but also awaken to a wholesome process, which connects our soul through the body to the universe.

To keep our bodies healthy and flourishing, we advance to the Nutriment Bar. Here we learn about holistic Nutrition and Diet and how the foods we consume affect our awareness. We'll break for lunch with a healthy snack and find out how to be in sync with nature's clock.

As we step ahead into the Chamber of Vastu, this ancient science of spatial energy is revealed to us. Vastu is the origin of Feng-Shui, a practice of arranging the environment according to the cardinal directions. This knowledge empowers us to harmonize our living spaces with positive universal dynamics and to adjust negative influences through the use of Yantras.

Advancing to the Interstellar Library we discover Astrology and the power of destiny. How are our lives affected by Karma? Every soul has a unique chart of their activities in the stars, just as we have the codes of our bodies mapped in our DNA. The Vedic science of Jyotish guides us to discover where we have come from, and where we are heading in our journey through the universe.

As the Sun sets and the evening sky fills will millions of stars we make our way upwards to the Universal Observatory. Peering through the lens of the Shastra Telescope we examine the multiple dimensions of the universe known to the Astronomy of the ancients. The awareness of the harmony of universal laws will help us to better understand our own direction and purpose.

Climbing the staircase of the Sacred Spire we cross the outer limits of the universe and go Beyond Material space and time. The Vedas compare the material universe to a temporary reflection of a great Banyan Tree stemming from the root of eternal spiritual existence. Here we find out about the place from where this tree grows.

After finally graduating through all the levels of the course you reach the top of the Next Step Ahead sanctuary. With an accomplished understanding of Vedic knowledge you stand before the Celestial Gateway. Now it's time to take your next step ahead to shape your future destiny with those in the world around you.

From the first step until the last, life is like a journey. Let the wisdom of the Vedas help us turn every moment into our Next Step Ahead.

These workshops will empower you to pursue your dreams with integrity and confidence. Connect with others in a deeper more personal way through understanding the unifying force of transcendental knowledge.

Explore, Expand, and Experience!

There always will be another moment to live, another place to discover, another friend to find, and another love to give. Become a part of the global community of like-minded people committed to transforming the world by purifying the world within their own hearts.

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